Tuition and FINANCIAL aid

Tuition payments are due and payable on or before the 5th day of each calendar month, with a one time admission fee of $340 (non-refundable) due at registration. There is an early registration discount of $50 if the child is enrolled and registration fees are paid before May 31 for the coming school year. 

Monthly tuition is as follows:

Member of Ridgecrest
Seventh-day Adventist Church
                                                  1st Student $395.00

                                                  2nd Student $315.00

                                                  3rd Student
                                                 4th Student$150.00$185.00

Families are offered a $20 per month discount for each new student (full paying tuition) they recruit. This will be applied to each full month the referred student is enrolled in our school for a maximum of 1 school year. 

Any financial aid will be paid to the account once the parent contribution has been met. Financial aid maybe relinquished on delinquent accounts. If an account becomes 30 days overdue, the student may be asked to withdraw from classes until the account is current. There will be a $25 charge for any returned checks. Accounts must be cleared before a student may participate in extra-curricular activities (field trips, private lessons, etc.), take final exams, or receive a yearbook. 

Family Discounts are offered. There is a 15% discount for the second child’s tuition, a 30% discount for the third child’s tuition and 60% discount on the fourth child’s tuition. The fifth child is free. 

Checks are to be made payable to: Ridgecrest Seventh-Day Adventist Church. They may be mailed or dropped off in the school office safe.