Provide Christian educational excellence for the children of Ridgecrest that inspires them to strive for their fullest academic potential.   All the while mentoring them to love and serve their families, neighbors and our creator Jesus Christ


As part of the the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Educational system, Ridgecrest Adventist Elementary (RAE) is the principle mission of the Ridgecrest Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The RAE program is purposed to ignite in the student a life long passion to excel academically, physically and spiritually.  


1. Educational excellence through a working partnership with the Home,  Church and School Life of the student.

2. Relationship & service with Jesus Christ.

3. Healthful living

4. Public service & Citizenship

5. Discipling a Biblical moral compass

6. Stewardship and sacrifice for God & man.

7. Teaching academic & spiritual Critical thinking.