Teachers, Staff & Volunteers

All of our teachers, staff, and volunteers are fully vetted (DOJ-FBI)

Nancy Danelson 3rd- 8th Teacher / school principal

She’s been teaching for over 30 years. After struggling with God, she graduated from Union College with a Bachelor of Science in Education and from the University of Phoenix with a Master’s in Technology in Education. With a love for learning, teaching was definitely something she could excel at. She is Ridgecrest Adventist Elementary Principal and 5th -8th grade teacher. Nancy Danelson, known to most as simply Ms. D.

She is a native to California having grown up in Southern California her entire young life. She went to Newbury Park Academy and later went to Union College. Growing up Adventist, her relationship with God has only blossomed bigger, brighter every day through the smiles of the children she helps grow closer to God and learn more about our world. Her favorite thing is to hear back from past students about how well they are doing and how close to God they are because she was part of their lives.

Aside from teaching, Ms. D loves to camp. Camping takes her away from the hustle and bustle of life to somewhere amazing, somewhere created by God instead of man, nature. In what little free time she has, she loves to read. In her words, she loves reading “because it takes me to so many different places and times,” a dream come true for a teacher who puts everything into helping her students grow.

Dyan  Frohlich home and school

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from La Sierra University (2008). My husband and I moved to Ridgecrest in 2010 and  have two beautiful daughters who keep us busy all day. We enjoy going on bike rides, walks around the park, and the occasional picnics in our yard.  We also don't mind staying at home reading a book with the kids or relaxing with a movie. 

laryssa primo TK-2 teacher's assistant

Evangeline Defluiter Music Director

My name is Evangeline Ellen deFluiter, but my nickname is Hud which is short for Hud-a-bud. That is what I was always called by my family when I was growing up.  I am the baby of my parents four girls.  

I grew up knowing that I was going to be a math teacher, but instead God has had me teaching music for the past 20 years. 

I love hiking, waterskiing, rock climbing, camping (as long as I have an air mattress). I also love reading and cooking and almost anything to do with music. I mostly like being involved. I want God to guide my steps while I am here on earth, and I want Him to come soon to take me home.


Jomar Gonzalo Robotics Instructor

I am an Electrical Engineer graduated from Cal State Fullerton (2017). During my sophomore year, I got the opportunity to join a STEM program (3 years). I was hired as a programming and robotics instructor for high school students at the Orange Unified School District. By teaching electronics and programming for kids and teachers, I reinforced my knowledge in that subject but most importantly I enjoyed their enthusiasm and energy to learn cool things in a fun way. I never had this opportunity when I was a kid, so being an instructor makes me fulfill that part with joy.

I like and understand music, so I play guitar when I have the time. In the past few years, I have been engaging more into music production and acoustics engineering for recording for which I have designed a mini-recording studio at home. Every day I try to improve and try different sounds and melodies with my wife and kids since they are very musical too. I enjoy this family time especially when we are doing outdoor activities or at home when we get together for board games, movies, or group praying. I think art, music, and science goes hand in hand because they are elements given by God for us to enjoy with our families.